What I currently think a community should do (abstract outline)

See also, List of Social Activities.

This is the general "community outline" I have made so far. 

Knowing/understanding our current state:

  • individual's "internal" state:
    • interests
    • skills
    • beliefs
    • needs, desires, desired state
    • capital
    • values
    • vision
    • biography
    • psychology
  • individual's situation/context (see also List of Social Divisions):
    • demographics
    • subculture
    • niche
    • life stage, generation, age...

Improving our state, maintaining our state:


  • Recruitment:
  • Subdivision (everyone wants to have their own perfect fit, not one size fits all.  Subdivision may also distribute decision making and power more evenly)

Personally I would be hard core with the win-win spirit, and do these directly and intentionally, rather than waiting for them to occur "naturally" (which is a process that I think suffers from various social inefficiencies).  And, of course, technology can improve the process in various dimensions too.

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