"Name Calling" Consists of Unargued Conclusions on Facts and Values2019 Community EndeavourA Guide to Rationality, from Basic to Advanced
A Sometimes Unpleasant Person I KnowA lot is due to Naturalism being trueAdvanced Democracy
AggregationAnalytical ThoughtAnti-Truth Ideologies
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Be Cautious about Soft SciencesBernardo KastrupBig Movie/Story Analysis Project
Blade RunnerBrianPansky WikiBuilding Beyond the Foundations Towards a Personal Utopia
Building the Perfect Context to Live In.Can you use GOAP AI in ECS?Changing Minds
Comparing Original Star Wars to The Force AwakensContents of Django Tutorial from pythonprogramming dot netDecember 2017
Die, "Noble" Lie!Division of Information Labor, from Simple to AdvancedDjango Programming
Effective CommunicationEncounter with Two Poetic Spiritual PeopleEpistemological Defeatism
Epistemology, from basic to advancedEquivocationExploration of Capitalism in Oliver and Company
February 2018How Do Things Happen?How I became a Feminist
How I successfully installed TensorflowHow to Build Social Capital and CommunityI Wish I could Find Better Groups
I successfully installed DjangoI try to understand "Quantum Physics"Is Physicalism Bad?
Is Physicalism True?Is The Philosophical Zombie Argument Sound and Valid?Issues to Care About
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June 2018Ladder of Social Feedback MechanismsLearning Django Forms
List of Social ActivitiesList of Social DivisionsMaking The Right Generalizations
March 2018Mary Poppins and The Sound of MusicMatching and Alignment Issues
May 2018Memes that are Basically ConfessionsMinority Report
Multisyllable Words in Ben Gibbard SongsMutual benefitMy Analysis of Arrival (film)
My Analysis of ZootopiaMy Art AnalysesMy Autobiography
My Autobiography (Ordered by Topic)My Chronic Health IssuesMy Music Playlists
My Perfect UtopiaMy Prequels for Star WarsMy Tastes in Art
My ValuesMy Website IdeaOctober 2018
Open MindednessPaved with good IntentionsProductivity VS Leisure
Qualia from physical systemsRape CultureReason chains, trees, and webs
Responses to anti-materialists about mindSeparationSeptember 2018
Short Term Humanism OpportunitiesSkills and InterestsSocial Inefficiencies
Socio-Economic EntropySome "Anti-Capitalism" is MistakenSomeone with an Intuition Ideology
Spanking Children?Systems of Community ContentsThe Edges and Foundations of the Good Context
The Force Awakens was unpleasantThe Labor Theory of Value Doesn't WorkThe Lectures of Progress Alberta's Town Hall, Jan 11th 2018
The Logic and Illogic of: I, Robot (2004)The Main Options in Human ConflictThe Road to Accomplishing Big Things
The Shape of Things to ComeThe Value of PeopleThinking Skills
Three different sociopolitical economiesTracking My Life GoalsTrust Aggregation
TruthUnderstanding Four Dimensional SpaceUse of Force
What Are Things?What Do Things Mean?What I hope My Website Could Accomplish
What We AreWhat a Community Should DoWhat is Most Important?
What the word "reality" meansWhen I was a ChristianWhence Philosophical Zombies?
Who we can build social capital withWhy Perfect our Internal Data and Processing?Why care about politics?
Why we should Build Social Capital
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