Technically I'm starting this on Monday, December 18th, 2017.  I had the idea to do this a while ago, but didn't actually do it until now.  I don't find twitter, tumblr, facebook, or other blogs to be very ideal for talking about what I'm doing in my life.  I'll do it here instead (though of course I may do it elsewhere too ocassionally, but when I do I'll try to copy all of it over here so there is one place to look where you can find everything).

This month:

  • I went to my cousin's 18th birthday surprize party.
  • Someone on the APEGA mentoring website asked if I'd like them to be my mentor.  I accepted the request and had a meeting on Tues the 19th.  I have lots to think about.
  • I've done some good processing and reflection after a breif relationship (started on OkCupid about a month before) ended at the end of November.
  • I've heard about a meeting upcoming in January for some political organizing.  I'm looking forward to that.
  • I went to a workshop about "networking" on Friday the 15th.  Got some practice, learned more things.
  • Visited my grandparents on the 24th.  They had a decorated tree, the first time I've seen them have one.  Maybe this is like my first ever celebration of Christmas?  We didn't say "merry Christmas" to each other, though the phrase was brought up only in relation to the political issue, such as my brother being instructed by his boss that he has to say "happy holidays", not "merry christmas" (and apparently a customer got upset when he said "happy holidays").  Also there was mention of Trump on the subject, and Obama supposedly "banning" people from saying "merry Christmas"?  On that topic, see this article comparing Trump to Obama, and this Snopes page investigating a myth about Obama.
  • I have, of course, been adding stuff to this wiki.  I have a list of things I want to add.
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