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Welcome to my Wiki

I'm Brian, and this is my wiki. I had a suspicion that I'd be able to have more "finished" writing if I can do it in this format rather than a blog post format.

This seems to be working, I'm getting a lot of writing done, and it is visible for people to see rather than sitting hidden in a blog post draft. Here's the numbers as of Jan 5th 2019 (I started this wiki on June 25th 2017):

  • 107 pages
  • 559 days since wiki was started
  • thus (on average) one page made every 5.2 days

I never achieved any average close to one post per week when I was using blog formats.

And plenty of work done on this wiki was in the form of editing pages that were already made. So the work was even more spread out than that last number might suggest. It's also possible that I made more pages near the start, for several reasons: 1) there were fewer pages to edit, thus fewer topics covered, thus new topics would need new pages, rather than just edits on existing pages 2) enthusiasm and drive. I thought of crunching the numbers about half a year ago, but now I forget how many pages I had at that time. I suspect the average would have been better, like 365/90 = 4, one page every 4 days. Something like that.

Here is a page that links to most of my other blogs and internet turf.

Latest activity

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